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At the beginning of 2020 no-one was given a survival roadmap to navigate the year ahead. Many businesses had to re-evaluate their hiring process. As a result, they realised that Contingent workers can help support their business during this period of uncertainty.

I’ve outlined below 3 key benefits on how a Contingent Staffing Model can help your business today.



Contingent workers can be readily available to fill skills gaps when employees or contract workers are unavailable, sick or need to take personal leave. They can slot in at short notice to keep production lines, distribution centres and help desk/call centres operating.

Businesses are now having to deal with the addition of the ramifications of resource shortfalls caused by the pandemic. This is where the available Contingent worker can add huge value.

Currently, the market place is abundant with Contingent workers. The nature of this type of work is changeable and finite.

Skilled contingent workers can hit the ground running with no learning curve and immediate speed to productivity. They are capable of adapting more easily especially during times of uncertain demands.



Contingent workers can add incredible value to your business at any stage, including,

  • Start-up
  • If your business is cyclical
  • If production demands are subject to constant change
  • When introducing new product lines
  • Headcount/hiring freeze in the face of increased business demands
  • Restructuring departments
  • Providing a new service
  • Market expansion into another location or perhaps an acquisition



With the Contingent Staffing Model your business can outsource HR/ER, T&A and Payroll. A contingent workforce allows businesses to hire non-permanent workers with the view to full-time employment.

This process can enable your company to make sure that your contingent workforce is part of your long-term hiring plans and to ensure that a specific individual fits your company culture.


For more information about the benefits of a Contingent Staffing Model and how it can it help your business please contact a member of our team below.

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