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We often forget the basics when it comes to searching for a job. To provide some guidance, I’ve compiled 5 job search tips that I think everyone should know.


Tailor your CV to each job

Your CV is still one of the most critical tools of a job search. Many CVs contain lists of bullet points with skills and experience.  However, it should always include examples of your achievements.

A simple way to stand out amongst the crowd is to have a tailored CV application that includes quantifiable achievements that are relevant to the job you are applying for.

Make yourself the clear fit. Research the keywords and phrases used in the job description. Try to include in them in your CV. Make sure they are relevant to the job. Once you have completed these steps, it becomes much easier for the recruiter to identify you as a suitable candidate.


Leverage your network

Networking, both online and offline (i.e. the real world) is critical during your job search. Leverage your friends and family during your job search. You never know which Uncle or friend is connected to a hiring manager within a company you wish to join.


Connect with relevant people on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a very important networking tool. You should reach out to relevant people in your area of interest and ask them for career advice. You’d be surprised how open people are to connecting with you.

LinkedIn is the best resource available today for career and job search networking. The website is used by millions of people to position themselves as the perfect employee.


Prepare for all job interviews

When you make it to the interview stage, you need to be prepared. For example, develop responses for common interview questions and then practice, practice, practice. Furthermore, you could set up a mock interview with a friend. Research the company you are interviewing with and the work they do. The more prepared you are for the interview, the more comfortable you’ll be and the more likely you’ll succeed.


Your CV is not a tattoo

A CV is not permanent. It should evolve over time. As you become more experienced and develop more skills, your CV should accurately reflect these changes. This applies to your online presence as well.

Always keep your LinkedIn and social media profiles up to date. For example, employers are less likely to consider you for senior roles if your profile states that you are an intern because you never updated your profile.

In summary, these steps will help potential hiring managers to see the most accurate portrayal of you as a candidate. As a result, this will significantly increase your success during your job search. Best of luck!

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