Our Contingent Recruitment Division helps businesses manage the full hiring life cycle including recruitment, vetting, qualification, placement, payroll and employment lifecycle management of a temporary workforce across a wide variety of industries and geographical regions.

In this blog post I will respond to some of the most common questions we get asked by business owners not currently utilising a contingent or temporary staffing model.


1.  Should we use an agency for temporary staffing solutions?

It provides your organisation with a buffer to scale up and down in response to the market in which you operate.  However, life is never that simple and either is recruitment!

In reality, it all depends on what the specific requirements are for your organisation and the people within. This information is key to us.

Within the Contingent Division, we have always taken the time to meet with our clients (virtually due to current restrictions). We conduct a detailed and honest initial conversation in relation to service offerings and possible solutions.

We offer our clients a tailored service with a “Solutions Through Partnership” approach. This helps to ensure a bespoke service to match the exact business requirements of the client.


2.  They will not be direct hires of the organisation, could this create a division?

Our Contingent Division have skilled Recruitment Consultants who are experienced in managing the introduction of temporary staffing solutions into existing organisations.

We ensure that all employees are dealt with fairly and in line with all legislation and best practise so as to integrate employees into the existing workforce effectively and without any issues.


3.  How can we ensure compliance – Payroll, Contract, GDPR?

After an initial conversation with our Contingent Recruitment team, our Clients are provided with a comprehensive SLA.

Best practice guidelines and legal compliance are delivered through certified Payroll Technicians and experienced Consultants, Account Managers and Compliance Specialists.


4.  How can performance issues be managed, efficiently and effectively?

Our experienced Account Managers will manage Employee Relations for employees on our payroll and will deal effectively and efficiently with any issue that arises e.g. timekeeping / attendance / performance / investigations etc.

CREGG Recruitment can provide onsite representatives at regular intervals – people deal with people and a sense of trust, transparency can be instilled through regular onsite meetings.  We also have retained the services of a HR Consultant and Organisational Psychologist if required.


5.  Where do we sign up?

For further information on any of the above or any queries you have in relation to Temporary Staffing Solutions or Outsourcing please feel free to contact our expert Contingent Recruitment Consultant Aoife Judge.

You can have an in-depth conversation in confidence about how CREGG Recruitment can support your organisation.



Aoife Judge – Senior Consultant

Tel: 086 0442926

Email: aoife@cregg.ie

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