Changes in the labour market.

Growing up, I was told it was tough to find a good job and keep it. There is some truth to that. I wasn’t told that there is no harm in taking risks and making changes if you feel ready.

That happened to me in late summer last year when I decided to join CREGG Recruitment as Account Manager. Of course, I had my doubts – new company, new colleagues, a different approach to work, etc.

Looking back at my decision, I can safely say – one of the best life/career decisions I have ever made!  If I were unemployed or unhappy with my current job, the time and place I would like to live in Ireland 2022.

Yes, I’m not discovering plutonium here when I say that COVID19 played a significant role in the changes in the labour market, not just in Ireland but worldwide.


Workers are Realising their Value

Workers are becoming aware of their value to the company they work for. The majority suddenly realised they were not easily replaced and have become more ambitious and confident over the past two years.

As a recruiter, this created an additional obstacle I needed to overcome to find the right talent for my clients. Now, more than ever, the phrase “needle in a haystack” is applicable in a candidate-dominated market!


Huge Demand for Workers

Just the other day, I was driving, and I stopped at a local filling station to get a cup of coffee, and I noticed a sign that says – Workers needed (x4). It suddenly hit me – a small filling station looking for that many people! If that sign were posted 10-15 years ago, the station manager would have 20 CVs on his desk in a week. Now he will have to settle for 2-3 applications in total, which is its reality.

So how do companies and recruiters deal with this situation?


How Businesses can Avoid this Issue

Rather than using the same excuse – a pandemic – I’ve decided to redouble my efforts and start thinking outside the box to attract new talent. I’ve turned to social media, got more creative when posting new job ads, chatting to people from my community more often, and so on.

There is no magic formula here (if there is one, I’m willing to pay good money for it). Instead of using all the above as an excuse for the poor situation in the labour market and the changes in the labour market, companies are slowly starting to change their mindset to keep their current staff happy and potentially attract new ones to grow their business. I think that’s the right approach!


Keeping Employees Happy is Essential

Often it’s the little things that make people happy. Yes, most of us like the idea of having a company car, a corner office (with a view, of course) and a massive salary to go with. But often enough, people are happy if they can get a day off to attend their daughter’s soccer match, maybe get a lovely gift basket for their birthday. Or even be allowed to leave for dental appointments without fear of working overtime hours to compensate for it. I’ve never heard of a company declaring bankruptcy as they were handing out too many gift baskets, have you?

Therefore, if you’re looking for a change in your career, now is the time to act! I’ve always considered changing a positive thing; it drives you forward and allows you to learn new things and gain new skills.

If you are considering a change in your career, CREGG recruitment can help. Take a look at what roles we are hiring for, and see what we can do for you.

Stay safe all, and have a great and prosperous 2022!

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