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What’s It All For?! This phrase has been thrown around in my life for more years than I care to remember, I never thought it would be so apt now so many years later, but It really does hit the nail on the head about our Contingent Workforce model.

Many businesses sometimes may not have considered this route in the past, it is multifaceted, efficient, time-saving, and arguably more importantly, we take the pain away!

Let me highlight to you what I believe from my 8+ years’ experience in Contingent Recruitment, and 15+ years in high volume, highly compliant recruitment, What it is all for!



Any business worth its salt understands the value of time, very simply, Time is Money.

Within the temporary workforce, high volume is the game but quality is the goal.

On average for one role, we would screen 50+ CVs, with our rigorous recruitment process sifting these down to 3-5 suitable candidates, with a view for 1 role to be filled.

If we have high-volume roles, I’m sure you can do the math on how many candidates we assess!

Saves your Time, Saves your Money



We have a dedicated support Compliance team who are highly skilled in the process to ensure that my team are fully compliant at all times.

At Cregg, it is something we are proud of, and this is why we have the biggest team in Cregg, a supporting compliance function and we have a rigorous process that no one wavers from.

Compliance saves your business, Compliance is Key.


Flexibility & Transparency

This is the one key element of Cregg and our Contingent team that is hugely helpful to any business. Your business goes through swings and roundabouts, and we come along for the ride. We partner with you, we dive into your culture, your requirements, and your process and sometimes we guide you in the right direction.

When your business grows, we grow with you. When it declines, we understand and adjust accordingly.

We don’t promise unicorns, but we deliver on hard work, experience, and full team support.


I could go on and on about the value of partnering with Cregg for our Contingent Workforce model.

We have dedicated Account Managers who will focus on your business fully and with zest, fully functional support teams who ensure our staff are fully compliant, fully supported, fully versed in the job in hand before they even set a foot in the door.

Cregg comes with an added value of the right attitude, with the right experience and this is the basis of our recruitment drive for all our staff.

If interested in finding out more, please link below and I will be more than delighted to discuss this at more length with you.

Learn how CREGG Recruitment can help your business manage a Contingent Workforce.


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