CREGG Operator Assessment

CREGG Recruitment has designed a psychometric assessment in house specifically for the General Operator/Product Builder role in the manufacturing and medical device industries.

This assessment tool was developed by Organisational Psychologists in compliance with the British Psychological Society standards and Data Protection guidelines.

The CREGG Operator Assessment tool measures skills, situational judgment and characteristics that are specific to the role of operator or product builder. These measures were selected after a careful and methodical approach to researching the literature and conducting role specific research in relevant environments.

Our Service

We deliver assessment solutions which are tailored to the requirements of our clients. The CREGG Operator Assessment can be delivered through various mediums:

Individual Assessment

CREGG will invite the candidate in to our office and the assessment will be administered and supervised by our Organisational Psychologist.
A report will then be compiled and sent to the client HR representative.

Group Assessments

CREGG will host group assessments of 14 candidates per hour in conjunction with a local business we have partnered with. The assessment will be supervised by our Organisational Psychologist and a report will be compiled and sent to the client HR representative.

Remote Use

CREGG will email an individual link to each candidate and they can take the assessment in their own time. The link can only be used once and will expire after an agreed amount of time, the only requirement for remote use is internet access and a quite environment. Our Organisational Psychologist will then prepare a report for the client HR representative.

On-site Assessments

CREGG’s Organisational Psychologist will set up the assessment on-site at the client company’s premises. These can be individual or group assessments depending on the facilities available. A report will then be prepared and sent to the HR representative.

To discuss the CREGG Operator Assessment further please contact Nicola Larkin below.

Nicola Larkin,
Organisational Psychologist & Senior Recruitment Consultant

Specialisation: Manufacturing & Production and Psychometric Assessments

Office: Galway

Nicola is an Organisational Psychology professional with a Primary Psychology Degree and Higher Diploma from NUI Galway. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Work and Organisational Psychology from UL. Nicola specialises in contingent recruitment; designing and implementing the recruitment process for production operatives in client companies and managing these accounts.


Nicola has completed the level A and B psychometric training and profiling course and is a registered Psychometric practitioner with the British Psychological Society. She is responsible for psychometric assessments which CREGG Recruitment have developed; administering, scoring and preparing reports for clients.