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Companies the world over are currently grappling with trying to conduct job interviews right now. With COVID-19 present in every continent, remote interviewing has always been an option, but it has now become part of the “new normal”. Everyone is now getting to grips with how to prepare for a remote job interview.

The general viewpoint from most experts is that remote interviewing regardless of COVID-19 is most likely going to replace the traditional 1st round interview on a permanent basis. Here are 5 tips to help you prepare for your next video job interview.


1. Test Your Technology

Minutes to go is not the best time to find out your Wi-Fi signal isn’t good enough or your mic or camera isn’t working. First impressions are extremely important and if your tech goes wrong at the start, it can have a lasting effect on both you and the interviewer.

Make sure you test the technology with a friend well in advance of the interview itself. A useful exercise is to record yourself practicing answering your questions and watch it back. There is no better candidate than a candidate who is self-aware. Set your equipment up properly and ensure your audio, lighting, camera height, and distance to your device is optimal.


2. Dress to Impress

Like any normal interview, you should dress professionally and look your best. I know it might seem odd strutting around the house in your best business attire but when you’re dressed well your confidence is up. The last thing you want to do is pull a Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan!


3. Remove All Distractions

Working from home brings its stresses but interviewing from home can be a minefield. It’s important to rid your space of any distractions. Leave the phone outside the room and lock the door behind you so you don’t have any unwanted visitors. Make sure the dog is walked and that the delivery man has someplace to leave your parcel.

When it comes to setting up your webcam, ensure your background is plain and you avoid putting any hypnotic patterns on your screen background. It should only be your brilliance hypnotizing the interviewers!


4. Show Your Work… Show Your Knowledge

It’s really important to do your utmost to impress the interviewers in a remote interview. Their decision is made even harder given it’s by video so ensure you demonstrate the amount of research you have done on the company.

Here you need to go the extra mile. Remember the interview is remote so you won’t be able to get a sense of their physical work environment, look up everything you can on the company, mention recent projects they have undertaken or the lovely workspace that they have. Show them that even the lockdown won’t deter your efforts.


5. Have Questions

A personal pet peeve of my own is when I spend a good amount of time with someone and talk about the role that they will potentially do for years and when it comes down to it they tell me they have no questions.

No interview remote or otherwise should end on “I have no questions”, you cannot expect to be taken seriously when you consider joining a new company and have no questions, it really conveys a lack of interest and going through the motions. When you have prepared well for an interview you will always have questions.


I hope these tips will help you to prepare effectively for your next remote job interview.

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