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In the wake of the Covid19 (Corona Virus) outbreak, many companies are initiating their back up plans to deal with these extraordinary circumstances but have we the employee ensured that we are able to do our part?

Some people take to working from home or remote work like a duck to water but what about the people who crave that office environment and collaboration with colleagues. Below you will find 5 useful tips to help you adjust with working from home!


1. Create a specific work zone

When working from home it is important to ensure that you have set up an appropriate workstation with no distractions. Make sure you have a good internet connection and a comfortable workstation.


2. Keep your regular hours

It’s important to keep to your general routine to ensure you maximise your productivity, veering away from the norm will make it harder for you to adjust.


3. Use technology for meetings and to keep in regular contact with your colleagues

Most work environments are quite social with usual daily meetings and catch-ups with your colleagues so it’s important that we don’t lose this. We live in an age of constant connectivity so use this to your advantage. When having team meetings or when you need to get information use video conferencing or instant messaging apps but be sure to stay off social media!


4. Stick to the routine

Be sure to stick to the regular routine as much as is possible, if you usually get up at a specific time continue to do so, replace your morning commute with a walk or something, take regular breaks, take your lunch and finish when you usually do. Avoid working longer hours as these hours will not be as productive.


5. Dress for work

You may be tempted to stay in the comfort attire and wear the sole’s off your slippers, this will only serve to damage your productivity. Each morning dress as if you are going to the office, this will ensure that you have the correct mindset and keeps an heir of familiarity going day by day… again is all about maintaining a routine.


These are uncharted waters so to speak but in times like these, it is important for companies to have contingency plans to enact but we the employee need to do our bit too and help the status quo as much as is possible.

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